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Higher Education

Transform your Baltimore campus into a sustainable, strategic and financial asset that attracts students, faculty, staff and donors.

By aligning your real estate portfolio with your school’s mission and goals, your campus can become a strategic advantage that cuts costs. Our experienced higher-education consultants will identify opportunities based on your objectives, and prioritize projects based on what will make the highest impact in both the short- and long-term.

Our Baltimore-area campus real estate services include:

Energy and sustainability services: Showcase your commitment to future generations with a campus-wide sustainability program. Some schools we’ve worked with have slashed energy bills by 20 percent, and cut their environmental footprints in half.

Campus planning: Review your real estate portfolio and strategy, and identify opportunities to improve attractiveness, accessibility and more. If you need new facilities, we can assist with location planning, financing, lease or sale negotiations, and construction.

Property and facility management: Particularly for schools with large campuses or multiple locations, significant savings can be achieved through proactive facility monitoring and management.

Project and development management: Looking to revamp your campus layout, upgrade buildings or make dorms more comfortable? We’ll plan, coordinate and manage any project on your behalf.

Real value. Delivered.

JLL has completed more than 1,000 campus planning, sustainability, development, management and other real estate projects for more than 250 colleges and universities.