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Introducing JLL Cities Research Center

Innovative research hub offers unique perspectives to 300 cities. Discover global real estate opportunities through market trends and which cities land on the global “watch list.”

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Latest reports

  • Global trends

    The Canadian Quartet: Playing on the World Stage

    Cities in Canada are collectively entering a newly energized, globally connected and impactful era. Four cities have been identified in our latest research as having the strongest potential and most opportunities for global real estate players.

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  • Global real estate markets gaining traction

    Global Market Perspective Q1 2014

    The latest edition of JLL Global Market Perspective presents an encouraging picture of a global real estate market that is regaining its pre-crisis vigour. Global capital markets are exhibiting remarkable strength and the disconnect with more cautious occupational markets is showing signs of narrowing.

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  • Global office index

    Confident close, successful start

    The global office market reversed a subdued 2013 performance by the close of the fourth quarter, showing signs of momentum and a bright year ahead with improved prospects and increased corporate demand.

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  • Global sustainability perspective

    Resilient cities and urban futures

    Following the destructive impact of extreme weather events, the vulnerability of our cities is becoming increasingly more apparent. This has brought resilience planning and its financial and infrastructure implications to the forefront of many City Governments’ agenda.

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  • City Index Report

    The business of cities 2013

    This report makes a valuable contribution in assembling the widest possible collection of global city indexes, benchmarks and comparative rankings.

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  • Global Retail Banking

    Key trends and implications for retail banking real estate

    We look at political, economic, technological and socio-cultural trends shaping the industry and share our vision of where retail banking is going internationally, and what the knock-on effects are likely to be for real estate markets.(Published in 2012)

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  • Global Transparency Index

    Highlights from the 2012 index

    The 2012 index reveals renewed impetus in transparency improvements across the world's real estate markets. Nearly 90 percent of markets have registered progress in transparency since 2010.

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  • Corporate Standards Index

    Real Estate Standards Global Index

    Our interactive reference tool to help you understand local practices for leased and ownded space around the world. Using this tool, you can review and compare 25 critical real estate conserations on a country-by-country basis.

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