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Global Market Perspective Q2 2015

Following a strong final quarter of 2014, the first few months of 2015 have seen the global real estate market settle into a steady pattern of growth.

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Latest reports

  • The Business of Cities 2015

    What do 200 City Indices tell us about the urban world in 2015? Indices, especially when viewed as a whole, give unique insight into the development cycles of cities, their achievements versus their peers, the gaps in their competitive offer, and their strategic priorities for the future.

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  • Tame the Capital Monster

    Some of the world’s best companies miss capital plan targets for office real estate by US$12.2 billion every year, a monstrous-sized figure. How can companies improve to ensure precious capital is driving growth?

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  • JLL City Momentum Index 2015: Tracking Speed of Change

    London, San Jose, Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai have been identified by JLL's latest City Momentum Index as the world's most dynamic cities. These markets demonstrate a combination of strong short-term socio-economic and commercial real estate momentum.

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  • Data-centric CRE: A competitive imperative

    Data and analytics are transforming entire industries, and increasing productivity and profitability. Some CRE organizations are tackling the data challenge, realizing the value of effective data generation, management and application.

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  • Global Transparency Index 2014

    The JLL’s Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2014 shows continued progress in the transparency of commercial real estate around the world with UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and France identified as leading the world’s transparency markets.

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  • Forget the Workplace ... for Now

    Critical to the success of workplace transformation efforts - and being able to demonstrate results - are understanding what productivity means for your business, what behaviors drive it and how the workplace can support it.

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  • The Canadian Quartet: Playing on the World Stage

    Cities in Canada are collectively entering a newly energized, globally connected and impactful era. Four cities have been identified in our latest research as having the strongest potential and most opportunities for global real estate players.

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