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Los Angeles Office Insight - Q1 2018

The intermingling of entertainment and technology has produced a handful of new players. Traditional technology companies like Apple, Amazon and Google are expanding their presence regionally as they continue to elevate their standings as content creators.

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Los Angeles ranks #2 in North America as a key city linked to China's future

China has spent the last three decades building and strengthening its links with cities worldwide through the outward flow of goods, investment, people and, more recently, a wave of corporate expansion. Today, Los Angeles ranks #2 in North America, just behind New York and ahead of San Francisco, and #8 globally as one of the key cities involved in China’s future.

California is one of 5 U.S. states offering investors big incentives to go green

Going green is an increasingly lucrative move for commercial real estate investors who use state and Federal incentives to get more bang for their buck. We look at which states are offering the best incentives for owners and investors who go green

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