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Optimize your financial institution’s Los Angeles real estate footprint to right-size, make the best use of space and uncover hidden cost savings.


Current market trends

Los Angeles represents a tale of two cities for banking and financial services. In the downtown CBD, where large consumer banks are concentrated, Trophy options are abound. In the Westside submarkets, though, where private wealth management and equity funds dominate, supply is limited and rents are shooting through the roof.

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See what’s going on in the Los Angeles Banking and Financial Services industry, top trends in the market, and what we expect to see in the coming year.

Featured research: North American Banking and Finance Outlook

After years of stagnation following the financial crisis, the banking and financial services industry is seeing positive momentum, though there are still challenges ahead.

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Investors have been giving real estate investment trusts a second look ahead of indexing sector reclassification, bolstering demand for REITs-related exchange traded funds.

Video: FinTech - the hottest banking industry trend

Learn more about the growth of FinTech—financial services firms driven by tech-centric products and services—and its impact on office markets.

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