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Midyear Expert Insights

The LA landscape is changing rapidly for occupier, investors and owners, creating unique opportunities to capture value. Strategy and timing of each however will vary dramatically.

Solid economic gains through Southern California are driving valuation and propelling investment activity across all property sectors in Southern California. Speculative development is on the rise and in-fill product is commanding record pricing. Excitement is spreading as creative office trends take hold, and as the entertainment and technology segment evolves, so has the employee preferences for amenity-rich environments which foster collaboration. Flexible workplace environments; proliferation of e-commerce and rising interest rates are just a few trends investor, owners and occupier need to successfully navigate in order to maximize returns and mitigate risk. Find out what else our experts have to say…

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The traditional office landscape is undergoing a transformation.

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As many companies are expanding, landlords are increasingly gaining the upper-hand across various size segments.

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Fueled by strong investor-demand and overall record-pricing for infill-product the SoCal market is heating-up.

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Although e-commerce continues to gain market share, the traditional brick-and-motor can strengthen their position by focusing on the customer experience.

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