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Global Market Perspective | Q1 2015

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Global real estate forges ahead

Global real estate markets at a glance

Investment Volumes

Office Vacancy Rates

Capital Value Growth

+9% y-o-y


+8.3% y-o-y

Positive signals from real estate investment, occupational and development markets

The major global real estate markets are in better shape than at any time since the Global Financial Crisis, with the continued momentum in capital markets now supported by improving corporate occupier demand across all the main global regions and property sectors. Abundant liquidity has pushed investment volumes back to the level of 2006, with expectations of further growth during 2015. Meanwhile, rising construction levels and developer confidence underline the strength of demand for modern space. Economic and geopolitical headwinds may affect future growth prospects but, equally, 2015 offers the global real estate market upside potential on the back of a robust recovery in the U.S. economy, lower oil prices, quantitative easing in the Eurozone, a resurgence of India and 6%-7% economic growth in China.

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