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Stay up to date on Cleveland real estate trends in all property types. JLL researchers cover topics important to you and your real estate decisions, whether you’re seeking corporate, tenant or investor insight.

cleveland tech outlook 2016

Featured research

Cleveland Technology Outlook - 2016

Cleveland’s driving industries—healthcare and advanced manufacturing—are primed for disruption, with tech firms having ample opportunity to take advantage.

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Featured research

Cleveland gains national attention

Downtown Cleveland's resurgence continues into 2017 with greater intensity and magnitude. See how new residential demand, corporate growth and development activity have pushed the city forward.

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Cleveland Chart of the week

JLL’s Research team takes a weekly look at economic and market drivers to capture real-time trends and insights.

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Latest Cleveland research reports

 Office reports



Cleveland Office Insight - Q2 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8367/us-cleveland-office-insight-q2-2017-jllCleveland Office Insight - Q2 2017​Summary and analysis of local economic and real estate market conditions in Cleveland, as of Q2 2017.
Full circle: Cleveland/united-states/en-us/research/8197/downtown-cleveland-2017-overviewFull circle: Cleveland​An in-depth look at how residential demand, corporate growth, and development activity in downtown Cleveland.
Cleveland Office Insight - Q1 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8147/us-cleveland-office-insight-q1-2017-jllCleveland Office Insight - Q1 2017Summary and analysis of local economic and real estate market conditions in Cleveland, as of Q1 2017.

 Industrial reports



Cleveland Industrial Insight - Q2 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8466/us-cleveland-industrial-insight-q2-2017-jllCleveland Industrial Insight - Q2 2017​Summary and analysis of Cleveland's economic and industrial real estate market conditions, as of Q2 2017.
Cleveland Industrial Insight - Q1 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8237/us-cleveland-industrial-insight-q1-2017-jllCleveland Industrial Insight - Q1 2017Industrial Insight includes an analysis of quarterly economic and real estate market conditions and key industrial statistics.
Cleveland Industrial Insight - Q4 2016/united-states/en-us/research/7986/us-cleveland-industrial-insight-q4-2016-jllCleveland Industrial Insight - Q4 2016​Summary and analysis of Cleveland's economic and industrial real estate market conditions, as of Q4 2016. ​

 Additional reports



Cleveland Law Firm Perspective - 2016/united-states/en-us/research/7624/us-cleveland-law-firm-perspective-2016-jllCleveland Law Firm Perspective - 2016Landlords are gaining leverage as the market tightens; rents are steadily increasing and concession packages are shrinking. If Cleveland law firms are willing to relocate, they could find favorable terms from landlords and save additional costs.
Cleveland Technology Outlook - 2016/united-states/en-us/research/7384/us-cleveland-technology-outlook-2016-jllCleveland Technology Outlook - 2016We see Cleveland an attractive location for tech companies to grow and prosper given its low cost environment, high quality of life, and minimal barriers to entry.
Cleveland Law Firm Outlook - 2015/united-states/en-us/research/6339/2015-cleveland-law-firm-trendsCleveland Law Firm Outlook - 2015Cleveland law firms looking for large blocks of space have options due to rightsizing by several of Cleveland’s corporate tenants over the last 18-24 months, although limited climate-controlled parking options remain downtown.