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City Competitiveness Cobweb IndicatorsX

City Competitiveness Cobwebs: The JLL City Competitiveness Cobwebs provide a visualrepresentation of the economic and real estate climate each of the China60 cities.Each cobweb relates to 12 sets of variables as follows:
Offices: Grade A stock Retail: Modern retail stock Logistics: Modern logistics stock Hotels: Presence of internationally-branded 4 and 5-star hotels Investment: Real estate investment volumes Air Quality: Average annual AQI levels GDP: Total nominal GDP Population: Metropolitan population Wealth: Retail sales; household savings;
disposable income; GDP (per capita)
Infrastructure: Transport connectivity
(passengers, freight); hub status
Education: Tertiary education institutions; tertiary
education quality; higher education enrolment
Openness: Foreign direct investment;
exports; fixed asset investment